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As promised in December, the NECCAP Office offered some deep dues discounts in January, February, March and April.  Our fiscal year is June-to-June, so we start billing in April for the full amount, which is $200.  However prior to that, we offer a number of discounts.  The discounts that were offered this year started at $125 and then $150.   It should be noted that $150 is what the dues were over 25 years ago.  It is a miracle that we have managed to keep dues from climbing dramatically over the years, particularly given the cost of doing business with CME's, venues, etc. 

NECCAP is committed to keeping dues at a level that members are able to pay, however if a member cannot pay the dues, please reach out to the office at and we are happy to work with you to provide amnesty for a year if that is necessary.  We are more concerned about being able to offer quality programs that provide important and up-to-date info to our members at a price that is affordable.

Thank you 



NECCAP membership dues @ $200

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